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    Most of you know who electricmonk333 is. She’s been a member of the SPN family for a long time and makes some amazing edits for us all.

    Most of you also know the story of what happened to her just days after DCCon. If not, her post is here

    Her family have put together a fundraiser for her. Here is a summary:

    On May 7, 2014, Shaefali’s life was changed forever. She was visiting New Orleans with a friend, when she suddenly became very ill. She was rushed to the Tulane Medical Center and was diagnosed as having a rare condition known as Toxic Shock Syndrome triggered by the common strep A bacteria.

    As a result of the pressors used to save her life, she lost blood flow to her extremities and gangrene set in. The doctors had to amputate part of her left arm, all the fingers save half a thumb on her right hand, and part of her legs.

    Although Shaefali has health insurance, there are a lot of additional expenses, including the retrofit of her home to accommodate her injuries. Insurance covers only very basic prosthetics. Due to the extent of her injuries to every one of her extremities, more advanced prosthetics are necessary.

    Helping Hands: Shaefali’s Prosthetics Fund


    She has a 4 year old daughter I’d really like to help make sure she gets to hold again.

    If you can’t afford to donate that’s fine, you could just go send her a lovely message. Please signal boost this if you would.

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  2. notanotherteenwolfpodcast:

    Adam: I still can’t believe Meredith is the benefactor on Teen Wolf! 

    Kristin: Yeah, neither can we. In fact, Teen Wolf star Arden Cho didn’t even see that big twist coming all season long! “We were all making bets all season long trying to figure out who the benefactor is and we were all wrong,” Cho tells me. “I thought that it was going to be Argent because he just lost his daughter, he’s lost his entire family and things are going crazy so he might want to put an end to everything supernatural but clearly I was wrong.” And if you think the benefector was the biggest reveal of the season, prepare yourself for one crazy finale. “There are some twists still coming,” Cho teased. “People are going to cry. It’s going to be sad. There are going to be a lot of unexpected twists and I think people are going to be very surprised.” Let’s just hope we’re not going to have to say goodbye to any more fan-favorite characters, my heart just cannot take any more pain. (x)

  3. geeknip:


    I saw Slenderman standing at the end of the hallway, staring at me… But, it seems he just wanted to say hey


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